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  • Alison Baker University of Leeds; UK
  • Francisco Chávez University of Chile; Santiago; Chile
  • Josep Clotet Universitat Internacional de Catalunya; Barcelona; Spain.
  • Dieter Jendrossek Universität Stuttgart; Germany
  • Henning Jessen Albert-Ludwigs-University; Freiburg; Germany
  • Tatiana Kulakovskaya Skryabin Institute of Biochemistry & Physiology of Microorganisms Pushchino, Russia
  • Andreas Mayer Universite de Lausanne; Switzerland
  • Nicola Mutch University of Aberdeen; UK
  • Sidney Omelon McGill University; Montreal; Canada.
  • Aurelio Serrano IBVF, CSIC and University of Seville
  • Shiba Toshikazu The Kitasato Institute; Tokyo; Japan
  • Xiaohong Wang Gutenberg University; Mainz; Germany.


  • Meeting postponed for 2021 (More information coming soon...)

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